Love in pandemic ? Our essential guide to a stress-free wedding

Updated: Jun 4, 2020

Many people are cancelling or postponing their wedding date due to the corona virus pandemic. People are dealing with many issues regarding the wedding . But we have something that will amaze you for a while. To get married to the person you love doesn't actually require the perfect venue, just some ideas to put in it and make it worth remembering . Searching for the place of wedding is a tough process especially in this lock down but it really doesn't have to be . May be the correct spot for you and your dearest ones to get hitched is directly under your feet. Yes, You heard us right . How about getting married in your own backyard .

Here are some wedding Decor Tips from our own catalogue that might help you in your lock down wedding .....


Decide Your Mood Board According To Your Backyard

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Mood Board is something that actually creates a base of any wedding . In our Wedding industry , this term is basically means the colors which you will opt for your event . Now, we would ask like what type of wedding do you actually wanna do weather its is a day wedding or a night wedding . Make sure the time which you choose according to your style , pick those colors which complements both the times and shall also enhances the natural beauty of the backyard . Lawn has lot of greenery around so you should go for colors like Peach mixed with olive greens , with the touch of whites. Here this is something we have tried so far ....

Have More of Props

1. The Hangings

2. The Mirror Works

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Props are basically an quirky objects which make any event looks like super- duper fun. As you can see in the pictures , that it is complementing the colors ,the venue and of course the mood. Nowadays, it's everything about getting great pictures at the wedding. Also, more critically, making an air that obviously empowers great pictures and intriguing thoughts. So here You can use it and can also yourself get clicked.

Stay Organised With Minimal

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Be minimalist in everything as Minimalism is not lack of something but it actually means perfect amount of something. Edit your decor from big setups to Minimalist decor . Simplify everything by decluttering it .

Play With More Florals

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Flowers plays an important role in any weddings . According to the Indian Wedding culture, Flowers are a symbol of strength, purity, and generosity. When you see beautiful and fresh flowers they have a peaceful and positive effect on the viewer. This is the reason flowers hold a special place in the history of humankind since the ancient times.Flowers like rose, jasmine, marigold, carnations are traditional flowers are used for decorations. Hence, They are auspicious too . So Everyone should go for flowers especially whenever there is a minimal decor.

Scenic View Of Lights

Placing Candles

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When is comes to wedding decor, the right lighting is important.Candles enlighten the moods and it also brings the serenity to any event . From the tiniest tea lights to over sized options, candles bring elegance and beauty to any event . Hence , put it all together to create an ambiance.

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